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Women’s Treatments Feedback


Lip-line Treatment

 To have my lip-line treatment has changed my life! My self-perception and self-confidence has increased a thousand fold and the definition has meant that since having the treatment I have not once felt the need to wear anything other than lip gloss!!

No more need for lip liner (I never went out to work without applying this) and lipstick. I now gloss and go! Andrew, thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Maria Green


Eyebrow Treatment

Just a few words to say how delighted I am with my new eyebrows. For many years I only ever pencilled them in and I always thought they looked great until you pointed out how unflattering they were.

I love the new shape and the anti-ageing look you have given me. My friends think I’ve had something done, but I assure them it was just your talent that has worked wonders for me.

– Jackie Wood


Eyebrow Treatment

I went to Smudge-free after 2 years of deciding whether I should or shouldn’t get my eyebrows re-shaped permanently. I can not recommend Andrew Stassi enough, he is knowledgable, friendly and has a no nonsense attitude. Perfect eyebrows all the time!!

Thank you Andrew, I’m a very happy lady.

– Georgina Nicolau Aziz

Men’s Treatments Feedback


Hair Simulation (SMP) Treatment

Thanks for the amazing work Andrew Stassi did on my thinning hair. People ask me if I’ve had a hair transplant; it looks so good!

Thanks for putting me at ease and giving me a real confidence boost.

I shall definitely recommend you!

– James


Vitiligo Treatment

A massive thanks for the fantastic treatment Andrew did on my head for the vitiligo treatment. I was really touched that you didn’t take the balance of the payment when I came in as a training model.

Being unemployed, it meant so much to me as I am really strapped for cash and I will always be grateful for your generosity, your kindness and above all, for making me feel normal again

God bless you Andrew!

– Rodney


Alopecia Treatment

Having suffered with alopecia universalis I’d given up finding a solution. After so many ‘cures’ or ‘remedies’ from mainstream and complementary medicine I’m delighted to confirm how effective your work has been.

From two-thirds head hair loss, to a very convincing look, my confidence is back. I can go out without a hat again! Thanks for your skill, hard work and good will.

– Joe Reed

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