Scar and Vitiligo Camouflage Training

Paramedical Scar Camouflage Course

Course Outline

Micropigmentation scar and vitiligo camouflage has come a long way with the development of new techniques and pigments which can make the scars almost invisible. This can be achieved with the skill and knowledge how to use various pigment tones and implantation techniques. The procedure can be used to camouflage plastic surgery tell-tell signs, general surgery scars, accident scars or areas of skin which do not have a uniform pigmentation, such as viltiligo (a condition where one has patchy pigmentation on the skin due to lack of melanin). Competent and skilled technicians are very sought after in the medical micropigmentation field, as well as in the beauty industry. A fully qualified technician who has reached a high level of experience and confidence may consider a training course in advanced micropigmentation, otherwise known as ‘Master Class’. This advanced level of training is tailored to your requirements and will take you to an advanced level in your chosen field allowing greater diversity and the possibility of working with the NHS, where highly skilled technicians are especially in demand to work with leading plastic surgeons and oncologists to correct scarring after surgery. There is a lot of job satisfaction in restoring a person’s confidence by carrying out corrective micropigmentation such as:

  • Areola restoration
  • Scar camouflage
  • Hairline restoration
  • Harelip correction
  • Vitiligo camouflage
  • Scar relaxation
  • Skin rejuvenation (MCA)

The scar camouflage course is made up of two practical days whereby you will learn how to blend skin tones using flesh coloured pigments. You will be shown how to do this using various needle groupings and implantation techniques.
The course is compiled of practical learning on simulated skins as well as online theory and hard copy manual for reference. The drawing and shading element is paramount in order to produce outstanding results. Once you have completed several practice skins you will then be invited back to work on live models. You will then be required to complete three of each of your chosen treatments before being a warded a certificate of merit for insurance purposes. The course is Level 4 accredited.

You will be asked to provide your own models so that you can monitor the healing progress.

Course Fees

The 2-day course is priced at £2,500. A deposit of £1000 is required upon booking your course and the balance is to be paid 14 days prior to course dates.

Course Dates and Times

Dates will be discussed at registration to suit availability

Course Time

2 Days




Beginners – Level 4

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