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What is areola or nipple tattooing treatment?

Areola or nipple tattooing is a procedure that has been developed to predominantly assist those who have suffered with, or endured breast cancer leading to breast surgery, or for those who simply want a deeper areola colour, or who want them enlarged or balanced. During the surgical process, partial or complete tissue removal can cause damage to the areola complex. Once the surgery has healed, which can be from six months to one year, a qualified medical tattooist can perform the corrective treatment by recreating the areola complex in a three dimensional effect, thereby helping to restore the patient’s confidence and to complete the final touches to the reconstruction surgery.

How does areola or nipple tattooing procedure work?

Areola tattooing or nipple recreation, is a semi-permanent colouring process performed by technicians that have reached a higher level of skillset, in micropigmentation procedures. The treatment is carried out using a high-tech digital device to implant pharmaceutical grade areola pigments in the upper layers of the skin using creative skills and artistic flair to create an areola which looks totally realistic. It is very important to choose your technician very carefully as the end result will depend on their expertise and skills in creating the perfect 3D effect for you. The process may require more than one application, especially if the breast tissue has been treated with radiation treatment which can greatly affect how damaged tissue responds to the pigment.

What will I expect in my consultation and treatment?

Consent and release forms will need to be filled out and these will contain your treatment plan along with log of pigment blends. A treatment plan will be carefully and thoroughly explained, and the colours will be expertly blended using several areola pigments. Careful mapping and drawing the outline and correcting any asymmetry will take place before any pigment is implanted into the skin.

For your safety we only use single-use consumables and the finest grade of pharmaceutical colour pigments. We are Covid-19 compliant and adhere to the recommended guidelines and codes of practise. The procedure can take up to two hours depending on the level of work required as this may include scar camouflage as well as areola reconstruction. The application of a topical anaesthetic cream for 30-40 minutes is allowed prior to treatment. Strict aftercare advice must be followed for the best possible outcome.



  • Confidence booster
  • Perfect aesthetic result
  • Final touches post-surgery
  • Natural looking results
  • Minimal down time
  • Minimally invasive
  • Minimal discomfort

Procedure Time

1 hour 20 minutes

Recovery Time

30 minutes

Duration of Results

18 months

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