Semi-permanent Cosmetics

Semi-permanent Cosmetics Training – Advanced Level

Course Outline

This is a 2-day course specialising in advanced micropigmentation techniques for eyes, lips and eyebrows or a 2-day course in 3D eyebrows where you will learn specialised techniques to create lifelike eyebrows for men and women (this is for practising technicians only with a minimum of six months insured practise).

In our advanced semi-permanent cosmetics courses we will teach you the more intricate procedures and how to create the ‘wow’ factor. 

For example;

  • Beautiful double eyeliners using two colours; one to intensify the lash-line and another to bring out the colour of your client’s eyes
  • Shaped eyeliners with a flick to open and lift the eyes
  • Thick, smoky eyeliner using large needle groupings for that alluring look.

Lips that are uneven and have depleted over time can be given volume and symmetry by softly contouring a new vermillion border then blending colours to compliment the existing lip tissue to create a more youthful appearance. 

Our advance eyebrow techniques use multi-pigments and techniques to produce the most lifelike 3D effect. The list to improve the appearance of the eyes, lips and eyebrows is endless once you become an advanced technician with our own especially developed techniques.

The course is compiled with plenty of practical learning on simulated skins as well as online theory and hard copy manual for reference. The drawing and shading element is paramount in order to produce outstanding results. Once you have completed several practice skins you will then be invited back to work on live models. You will then be required to complete three of each of your chosen treatments before being awarded a certificate of merit for insurance purposes. The course is Level 4 and accredited by our insurers.

Course Fees

The 2-day course is priced at £2,500. A deposit of £1000 is required upon booking your course and the balance is to be paid 14 days prior to course dates.

Course Dates and Times

Dates will be discussed at registration to suit availability

Course Time

2 Days





Course Structure

Training Day 1

  • Eyebrow Techniques Theory in semi-permanent cosmetics
  • How to conduct a consultation
  • How to fill out medical history and release forms, and understanding their importance
  • Setting up of equipment
  • Sanitation and sterilisation before equipment use
  • Machine controls, hand-piece and needle adjustment
  • Learning different eyebrow techniques on simulated skin material
  • Observing treatments by Andrew Stassi or a Smudge-free trainer
  • Live models for eyebrow procedure
  • Eyebrow Design
  • Discussions

Training Day 2

Lip Techniques Lip technique practise

  • Colour theory
  • Morphology of the face
  • Face shapes and settings
  • Understanding skin-tones and under-tones
  • A guide to colour mixing, warming and cooling
  • Photography
  • Preparation of client for lip procedures
  • Adjustment of asymmetrical lips
  • Choosing the correct colour
  • Practise on live models
  • Observing correct gripping technique
  • Discussions


Training Day 3

Day 3 will be scheduled only when you have independently completed five case studies of each discipline in eyebrows and lips, to ensure you have gained sufficient experience in recognising needle depth.

  • Eye Techniques Eye technique practise
  • More theory and practise
  • Preparing client for lash-line procedure
  • Beauty mark
  • More practical and theory
  • Learning correct eyeliner and lash-line gripping techniques
  • Correct needle adjustment
  • Correct depth for tapering eyeliner procedure
  • Practising eyeliner and lash-line enhancement on live models
  • Discussions
    Training Day 4

    • Assessment and Marketing Revision
    • Business marketing and strategy
    • Assessment
    • Discussions

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