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Hyaluron Pen Training Course

About Hyaluron Pen Treatment

Hyaluron pen, needle-free dermal filler lip treatment is fast becoming one of the most requested beauty treatments, especially by those who have a fear of needles, but still want the lip plumping. The treatments are carried out using our needle-free injecting device, Hyaluron Tech, which is based on the same principles as insulin administration without needles. The product used is hyaluronic acid, which is a safe component that your body produces naturally and is in every living cell. As we age, we lose moisture levels, the skin becomes dehydrated and we begin to lose volume and plumpness, then the skin starts to sag. Thanks to our Hyaluron Tech treatments, that volume can now be restored safely, by Level 3 qualified therapists and above and we are also insured to train SPMU technicians too.

Hyaluron Tech treatments last typically the life of the filler you use. You will learn more about this on the course and how you can make the treatments appear longer lasting. In lips, the filler can last between 4 and 6 months and anywhere else between 6 and 9 months.

The areas we can successfully work on with our Hyaluron Tech include lip volume, nasolabial folds, cheekbone enhancement, cheek volume, jawline defining, glabella lines, forehead lines, chin sharpening and more such as Meso therapy and fat dissolve.
The beginners’ course will teach you how to create the perfect lips and the filling of nasolabial folds. All other modules can be added as and when required. We believe in teaching you thoroughly so that you may then practice with confidence. Don’t run before you walk!

Training with Andrew Stassi

Andrew Stassi is an experienced practitioner in aesthetic medicine and has applied his skills and knowledge in creating the Hyaluron Tech training course to bring you treatments that are very effective and safe. All of your training will be highly supervised. You are welcome to bring your own models (a minimal fee applies for product and admin), otherwise, we can provide them.

Course Outline

Our training courses are very specialised and you can opt for bespoke one-to-one training which is carried out in North London and is priced at £1,900, or you may opt for small group training which is to be carried out at Finishing Touches headquarters in Haywards Heath, Sussex.

Group Training

The cost for group training is £1,600 per person and includes our European, Hyaluron Tech device and starter kit. We can also offer in-house training whereby we will come to you for an additional cost. In addition, we can offer group in-house training whereby you host us. Minimum of three students are required.

All our Hylauron Tech training courses come with the European device that includes a no quibble guarantee.

The manufacturer will have your device serviced or repaired and back to you in 5 working days.

Study Outline

Very soon we will be introducing an online portal for the theory. The practical side of the course is one intensive day, which covers live work on lips and nasolabial folds. You will then need to complete your case studies (5 of each discipline) before being awarded your certificate of competency which will allow you to get insurance.

Course Fees

The fee is £1,900 with an £800 non-refundable deposit to secure your space and the balance is paid within 14 days. On receiving your deposit, we will then send you your home study training manual which outlines what the course entails right through to health and safety.

Course Dates and Times

Dates will be discussed at registration to suit availability

Further Training

Once you have become confident in using the Hyaluron Tech, you may then wish to advance your skills further by adding more advanced treatments such as cheek bone enhancement and cheek volume. These treatments can be carried out safely and effectively with the Hyaluron Tech training course that has been put together by Andrew Stassi, aesthetic medicine professional.

Course Time

1 week






Further Study

Advanced Training is available

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