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Semi Permanent Make Up Training

“When searching for a course for training in semi-Permanent Make-Up, I was immediately drawn to the work I had seen by Smudge Free. Then when I researched some more and discovered that training was available in-salon that was the “icing on the cake” for me. With a young daughter and a busy salon to manage, in-house training was perfect and Andrew made it just as professional as it would have been if we were in an academy. I thought it would take me ages to become confident enough to practice on a real client, but Andrew’s methods of teaching and his techniques helped me believe I could do it. Now 160 clients later, I can honestly say I have had no complaints. I’m so thrilled with my work I’m now ready to book more training with Smudge-free.”

Thank you Andrew!

– Becci Ronson, Fareham


Semi Permanent Make Up Training

When looking for a SMPU trainer I spoke to quite a few companies but never felt very comfortable with training in a class of ten or so. I wanted to make sure I had the best knowledge and use of time, so one to one training seemed the way to go. After much research I found Andrew Stassi of Smudge Free.

I went to see him and his team in action at Pro Beauty in February. I found them very helpful and informative and was totally put at ease about their training standards. I signed up immediately. Having done the first part of my training I know I have made the right decision. His work is professional and thorough. His eye for detail and colour are second to none and this knowledge he passes on to you the student. I couldn’t have asked for better and I am now looking forward to a new career in Semi Permanent Make Up and feel I have all the support I need to succeed.

– Claire Bidgood Cornwall


Semi Permanent Make Up Training

I qualified as a beauty therapist in 1986. As a result of working within the beauty industry all this time, I have been asked many times by clients to train in semi permanent make up. After lots of research I chose to train in micro pigmentation with Andrew, as I believe he is the best in the industry and works with the best equipment and products. Not only are his skills faultless but his attention to detail for the care of the client and his hygiene standards are second to none. World-class standards are very important for me and my clients; I recognise the need to uphold high standards as I taught beauty therapy for 9 years.

Andrew guided me through my basic training with passion, patience and praise! This has given me the confidence to complete my case studies to enable me to advance further with my training and delivery.

I feel proud to say that I have been trained by Andrew Stassi at Smudge Free.

– Jaqui Crane, Warwick


Micro Pigmentation Training

After seeing my work, people ask me how have I learnt such amazing techniques and what made me choose smudge-free? I tell them quite simply that once I had decided I wanted to take a different path in my career I researched the industry for months and kept finding myself drawn back to Andrew’s work and teaching methods.

I could not find another trainer that was ticking the boxes that Andrew was. His one on one training and direct approach have made me far more confident than I ever knew I could be.

I know people in the same field of work and they are asking me for advice because they know I was trained by Andrew Stassi. I wasn’t handed a certificate after a few days of training and then left to go it alone; It has taken a lot of hard work, but Andrew was there through every step and without his aftercare, help and guidance I don’t think I would be producing the level of work that I am now had chosen someone else to teach me!

Anybody that is thinking of choosing a career in micro-pigmentation needs to see Andrew; I cannot pinpoint a particular reason as every aspect of my training has been remarkable and his methods are second to none. I will definitely be training with him further in the very near future!

Thank you Andrew, not only for changing my career to something I am in love with and look forward to doing, but you’ve helped me change my life!

– Karli Wheeler Essex


Semi Permanent Make Up Training

After owning my own salon for over seven years and recently only doing my regular clients, which mostly consisted of acrylic nail extensions and perfect eyebrows, I wanted to try something different that has always interested me.

Why did I choose Smudge Free? I browsed the internet for hours looking at people’s websites and portfolios and every time I went back to Smudge Free. I rang and directly spoke to Andrew which was a nice feeling instead of a 3rd person. I love my job and making my clients happy and going into semipermanent make-up along side my salon work wasn’t a hard decision to make.

My training was held in my salon which was brilliant as it fitted around my young family and was such an enjoyable experience. The different techniques I learnt were amazing! I love learning something new within my industry and was so excited for my training dates to come. Clients are now asking, “so who trained you?” I then explain about Andrew Stassi and what he does, they then come back after researching him on the web and are amazed that I’ve been trained by someone so reputable and highly acclaimed! I can’t wait to go on further courses with Andrew in the very near future.
My career in semi-permanent make-up has just begun but I absolutely LOVE it! So a big thank you to Andrew for showing me his amazing skills!

– Jenna McGregor, Notts


Semi Permanent Make Up Training

‘I just wanted to say a big thank you and show my gratitude and how appreciative I am of your mentoring, help and guidance in teaching me Semi-permanent make-up and to tell other people why they should train with you.

Speaking with experience from people I know who have trained with other semi-permanent teachers where they teach everything in 3 days consecutively and have more than two people and strangers in a class; Andrew breaks his training down into separate days and he teaches one to one, so you get his whole attention. You don’t feel uncomfortable (which was great for a bloke like me having ago for the first time and not feeling intimidated) and you’re more likely to take more in being spoon fed information rather than bombarded because there is a lot to take in. Another reason he is so good is he cares. He cares about the industry, the clients, the work and his students and is always there to help even if he hasn`t heard from you he will always give a courtesy call to check everything is ok.
I can honestly say if I hadn’t had the aftercare guidance and help then I might have given up and I certainly wouldn’t be at the level I am at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard work and you have to put the effort in but you will give yourself a better chance in excelling in this industry with Andrew’s mentoring and training.

Andrew I can’t thank you enough, you have helped give me a new career which I thoroughly enjoy. I believe in your work and training so much I would gladly speak to anyone if they are unsure and would strongly urge anyone who is thinking of this as a career do your research then choose Andrew Stassi of Smudge Free.

– Lee Lunt

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