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Areola Correction Treatments

  • Areola re-pigmentation
  • Areola scar camouflage

What is Areola Correction / re-pigmentation?

Areola in men can sometimes naturally be disproportionate or lacking pigmentation which makes them appear very weak and non-distinguishable. In some patients the melanin production is very low which causes a lack of contrast between the surrounding skin and the areola region which can make this appear quite odd. Some men have fatty tissue build-up in the areola region during puberty or as they weight and opt for surgery in order to remove excess fat with a surgical procedure commonly known as gynecomastia surgery.
Micropigmentation can be used to correct the scarring after surgery and to correct the areola once healed. This can be anything from six to 12 months.

How does it work?

We use advanced micropigmentation techniques and skills to carefully blend pharmaceutical grade colour pigments to match the existing areola hues. Once the pigments have been agreed, we then skilfully implant the pigments into the skin. This will improve the overall appearance and we can also use stronger pigments to make existing areola deeper in colour and larger as they sometimes are naturally too small in nature. For the procedure, single-use disposable needle cartridges, along with the latest in digital technology are employed. For your comfort we numb the area prior to treatment using a topical anaesthetic cream for 30-30 minutes. We will then draw on the shape and proportions that best suit you. Once you agree, the treatment for pigment infusion will begin.

What will I expect in my consultation and treatment?

We will conduct a thorough consultation so we can both understand the desired effect you are aiming for. We will check your suitability for treatment and your medical history to rule out any contraindications which may render you from having a treatment. We will be implanting pigment into the upper most layers of the skin using a combination of cartridges within in order to create realistic result. After the initial treatment the colouring will appear darker than desired, then once healed it will appear very natural. Usual lightening is 40-50%. You must follow the aftercare advice very strictly for maximum retention of colour pigment. We will review this after four weeks to see if a second application is required.


  • Natural looking results
  • Confidence booster
  • Minimal down time
  • Minimally invasive
  • Minimal discomfort

Procedure Time

2/3 Sessions

Recovery Time

30 minutes

Duration of Results

18 months

Retouch Booking

12 Weeks

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Micropigmentation for nipple restoration treatments

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