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What are the semi-permanent eyeliner treatments?

Semi-permanent eyeliner and lash enhancement procedures are a sophisticated method of applying pigments within the lash-line to enhance one’s eyes, replacing the need for daily application of eyeliner
several times a day. The accuracy of the application allows us to implant pigment perfectly where conventional makeup cannot be applied easily or as precisely, thus saving you endless time and it will leave your eyeliner Smudge-free! Whether you’re an active mum, a sports person, a career woman, or just someone with minimal time for applying makeup, or maybe an unsteady hand, our professional services can enhance your overall appearance in a way that suits you best. It’s also perfect for those who suffer with allergies from conventional makeup. Your eyes are considered the most attractive features of the face and with our expertise we can tailor a ‘look’ for you that will make you feel confident all day, every day!

How do eyeliner procedures work?

Eyeliner tattooing, or more widely known as micropigmentation is an advanced form of tattooing carried out using high-tech digital devices with a sterile needle cartridge. Pharmaceutical grade pigments are carefully and accurately deposited within the lash line to form lash enhancements and/or perfectly applied eyeliner. The pigments are applied into the superficial layers of the skin to produce a long-lasting effect that will remain perfect from one to three years. Your eye enhancements can be as subtle or heavily defines as you wish. The process is built up over several layers, each one applying more pigment as we go along so there are no surprises. We will achieve the perfect look for you in a process that takes about an hour or just over, depending on the desired style you choose.

What will I expect in my consultation and treatment?

During your consultation your eyeliner enhancement and colour choice of pigments will be agreed. The most popular choices are shades of black and shades of brown, plus colours to bring out the natural hues of the iris. Before and after photographs will be taken and you will fill in your consent forms according to current legislation and guidelines. For your safety we only use single-use consumables and the finest in pharmaceutical grade pigments which are manufactured in Germany according to EU and CE regulations.

The duration of the procedure is approximately one hour to one hour 30 minutes including the application of a topical anaesthetic cream for 20 minutes. Some elements of swelling are perfectly normal and may last a day or two. It is advisable not to wear contact lenses so please remember to bring your glasses should you require them.


  • Smudge free eyeliner
  • Time saver
  • No more irritations due to conventional makeup
  • Natural looking results
  • Anti-ageing appearance
  • Minimal down time
  • Minimally invasive
  • Minimal discomfort

Procedure Time

1 hour 30 minutes

Recovery Time


Duration of Results

18 months

Retouch Booking

12 Weeks

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