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Plasma Skin Tightening Training

About Plasma skin tightening treatment

Plasma skin tightening and skin resurfacing treatment was until recently a treatment that could only be carried out by medical practitioners. The energy produced by the medical versions is too great to be placed in the hands of non-medically qualified persons as complications may arise which may require urgent, medical assistance and prescriptive medication. Also, the downtime with the medical plasma versions is quite lengthy and can take up to four weeks for a full recovery.

Very recently, salon type versions of plasma devices have been introduced into the market which now give access to beauty therapists and aestheticians to offer this not only lucrative, but also very effective treatment to their clients. The energy produced by these is generally lower and less aggressive with outstanding results. However, even misuse of these salon type devices can still result in permanent damage to your client’s skin, so always do your reseach thoroughly in finding a good training provider.

Plasma skin tightening is the only cosmetic treatment to use plasma to eliminate excess skin. It is known for its success with non-surgical eye lift, scar lifting treatments, wrinkle reduction, tummy tightening, skin tag removal, mole removal, age spot removal and so much more.

Training with Andrew Stassi

Andrew Stassi is an experienced practitioner in aesthetic medicine and has applied his skills and knowledge in creating the Hyaluron Tech training course to bring you treatments that are very effective and safe. All of your training will be highly supervised. You are welcome to bring your own models (a minimal fee applies for product and admin), otherwise, we can provide them.

Course Outline

Our training courses are bespoke and are based on a one to one whereby you will receive 100% dedicated training. As a beginner, we will train you in eyelid skin tightening and crow’s feet reduction. You can advance onto any of the modules that we offer once you have gained experience. The purpose of this skin treatment is to give alternative options to your clients who wish to address their saggy or lax skin conditions.

Study Outline

We offer an online platform for theory as well as a hard copy training manual. The practical side of the course is 2 intensive day, which covers live work on eyelids, crows feet and excess skin on the face (depending on model availability). You will then need to complete your case studies (3 of each discipline) before being awarded your certificate of competency which will allow you to get insurance.

Further Training

Once you have become confident in using your plasma device, you may then wish to advance your skills further by adding more advanced treatment options to your list of services. These treatments can be carried out safely and effectively with tour plasma device.

Areas we can treat with plasma skin tightening

  • Eyelids – upper and lower excess skin
  • Crow’s feet
  • Skin tags – always check with skin specialist the nature of the condition prior to treatment
  • Diminishing stretch marks
  • Tightening loose stomach skin
  • Neck – loose skin on and around the neck
  • Lines and wrinkles around the mouth
  • Jawline defining
  • Loose skin on the hands

Course Fees

The training course fee including our plasma device and kit is £4,950 and includes two practical days. A deposit of £1000 non-refundable is required to book and the balance is paid within 14 days prior to course dates. On receiving your deposit, we will then send you your home study training manual which outlines what the course entails right through to health and safety.

Course Dates and Times

All our training is one to one so the dates can be booked to suit your availability and is subject to models. To ensure your dates are secured it is advisable to bring your own models and you can monitor their healing progress.

Course Time

1 week






Further Study

Advanced Training is available

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